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One of the best ways to market a property is with an open house. Savvy realtors also recognize that an open house is a great way to generate leads for potential clients. You have a few hours to make connections, leave an impression and make some money. What will you do to maximize that time? Here are four pro tips to maximize your next open house.
Change your Mindset
The open house is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your excellence. Consider that everything you do in preparation for and during the open house is your audition for future customers – including the Seller whose house that you are showing. When you realize that you are building your reputation with every detail of an open house, you will be sure to put your best efforts into the event. Keep your Seller happy and connect with new contacts.

Go Digital
Set up an online mini-site for the property that showcases all of its greatest features. Use the website to capture leads for potential buyers and market your own services. As prospects come through the open house, direct them online to view your listing site which is packed full of information and links. Forget about your printed materials. You can’t track those. Most of the prospects will have a smart phone with them and you can direct them to your pages. Be sure to include compelling calls to action for them to find out more information on the listing by providing their own personal details. Be sure to include your other listings and your availability to show them other properties or to list their home. You may want to invest in the technology to set up your own wifi hotspot to make sure no one has trouble getting online. You can also collect user information with the hotspot.

Think Outside the Box
Don’t try to be like every other open house that is happening in the area. What can you do to be innovative? Our culture is saturated with marketing messages and so is the real estate market. You need to stand out. Don’t just set out a tray of cookies that you bought from BJ’s. Rent an ice cream truck or food truck to park in the driveway and give out real treats. If your open house is in a kid friendly home with a great backyard, show it off with a bouncy house. Your goal is to attract potential buyers to this property and to win future customers. You can even mix it up with a twilight or evening open house. You will definitely have less competition than on a Sunday afternoon when literally every other realtor is trying to do the same thing you are doing. By standing out for this property, you will also stand out to potential customers who will think of you as a real estate agent who will work hard to help them succeed.

Redefine How You Measure Success
A great outcome for any open house would be to receive a legitimate offer on the property. When inventory is low and buyers are hungry, this is more than possible. However, it doesn’t always happen. With that in mind you should define success in broader terms to help the Sellers experience success. Some of the metrics which may be of interest to your Sellers include the number of visitors to the open house, the number of page views for online listings and the level of feedback received during the open house which can improve the listing. You will also want to define your own success broadly. Since the open house is both a sales event and a lead generator you can measure success by the number of prospects that you connected with during your time. How many contacts did you capture, appointments for showings did you set and how many tire kickers came through that are thinking about selling their home soon. 

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