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In a perfect world you would show a pre-approved couple their dream home and on the first try, they would fall in love and you would get a few sales per week. We all know that is not usually the case. Buying a house can be a grueling process. Some people give up after a few visits and may even say you are not a good realtor. So, what can you do to keep buyers motivated to find their house and not get kicked to the curb?

Be Relational
The first thing you need to do is know your buyer, whether you like it or not. Being a real- estate agent is all about starting and maintaining relationships! Sometimes we want our first meet to be at a showing, but it may pay off to take this relationship slow. Meet at a local coffee shop in the town they dream of living in or keep it simple and meet in your office because your buyer may not be sure where they want to buy. The only way to know the difference is through conversation.

Be Real!
Use the bad news / good news strategy! First, prepare your buyer for what may be out there. You know, the smells they may encounter or walking into a house that looks completely different than what they saw online before the house was completely ravaged. The truth is that some people will make an offer on the first home they visit but for most people, their expectations don’t meet the reality of the housing market. After you’ve given them the bad news and see the sparkle fade, it’s time to bring it back! Be optimistic and assure them that if you are prepared and work together, you can skip some of the not so pleasant moments and acquire the house of their dreams, at the price they can afford. If you are willing to be real, you will build trust in your relationship, which goes a long way.

Be a Mediator
Before you show any house or even begin to look at options, you need to know what the buyer wants. Many of us ask for a wish list so that we do not waste our time and theirs. Time is a big deal in any relationship - do not waste it! So get that dream list. If you have a couple, get two lists of "must-haves". Depending on their price range, and desired location, they may be asking for too much. You do not want to say that, it makes you look like you can’t get the job done. So this is where your mediating skills kick in. Ask the couple to work on one list together managing their "must-haves" to about 5 things for each category. Once you have your solid list you can begin your search and deliver a narrow list of properties they will be sure to love.

By now you have shown them eight houses and nothing is really working for them. You can tell they are discouraged. Do not give up! Maybe they need a week to relax and get away from the process. This is where you put in the work for them. This is what makes you stand out. Analyze the problem, analyze your interactions. What made them really excited? What did they hate? While they are taking a breather you are making magic. It all goes back to knowing your client. Maybe you can expand their location or have them tweak their list. Be patient and then re-engage with a brand new list of options.

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