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Competition is fierce! The National Association of Realtors reached a decade-low of 999,824 members in 2012 but has since grown to 1,308,616 members as of 2017. You are competing with people of all ages, stages and experience levels and it means you need greater online (and offline) marketing skills to stand out to potential buyers/sellers. Here are some tips that will help you compete and earn more business:

Get Social

Your Facebook profile may have pictures of loved ones, favorite restaurants or recent vacations but are you marketing your business to the billions of active users on social media? Facebook alone has 2.2 billion monthly active users and other networks like Reddit (1.5 billion), Instagram (1 billion), Pinterest (175 million), Twitter (300 million) and many others give you a huge audience to market your services to.

The biggest mistake real estate agents make while marketing on social media is that they aren't social. People don't like to be sold, they want to be interacted with. Start conversations with questions as opposed to just sharing links or making statements. Found an interesting article related to real estate? Share it by asking a question that will initiate a conversation with your followers. Share pictures or videos of the most interesting parts of the properties you are listing. Don't just share a link to your website, MLS or Zillow, etc... ask questions that start conversations!

Pro Tip: Dive into conversations that other people have started. For example, search #realestate on Twitter or find the /r/RealEstate subreddit on Reddit and write to people asking questions about real estate. The goal here is to practice having conversations on social media and not just sharing content.

Produce Quality Photos

Which phone takes a better picture: Android or iPhone? That's a highly debated topic but photography isn't about having the best equipment. It's about having the eye for photography. You may have a natural skill to take really great photos but are you enhancing any of your photos using software like Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom? Professionals worldwide use the software to dramatically improve their photos and so should you.

Never been gifted at taking pictures? You can find free tutorials on YouTube or take paid online courses to help you get better. Real Estate relies heavily on photography so it's worth the investment of your time.

Pro Tip: Hire a professional! Dig into your contacts or make the ask on social media for people who are available and experienced in real estate photography. It's a great way to start a conversation where other people can contribute.

Sponsor Local Events

Consider sponsoring local teams, schools, festivals, causes, etc. to get your name out there. Sponsors usually have their name or logo on banners, websites, t-shirts and some are even announced over a loudspeaker. Becoming a sponsor is more than just an opportunity to display your name. People get to know you as someone who is connected with the community and willing to assist when there is a need.

Pro Tip: Don't have money to sponsor? You can still help by volunteering your time at local events. Start conversations, shake hands, kiss babies - whatever is appropriate - and let the community know who you are and what you do. 

Write Columns in Local Magazines / Newspapers

Starting a new website with a blog is a great idea but have you considered reaching out to local magazines and newspapers about sharing your knowledge, expertise or research on their publications? Writing for a column for community-based magazine or newspaper is a great way to build credibility in the community and develop name recognition.

You don't have to be published or even a great writer to be considered. Editors are interested in your ideas and experienced over your ability to write profound statements so solid writing skills will do just fine. Reach out to local magazines and newspapers and with a well-written email (your "pitch") introducing yourself and what you do. In the email, include your column idea and a sample of what you hope to publish.

Pro Tip: Use Google Docs or Evernote to keep save your thoughts on the cloud. Before submitting your work, ask a friend to proof-read and then check spelling and grammar using Once you submit your pitch to the editors, wait a week. If you haven't heard from them, follow up with a phone call.

Increase Your Earning Potential

There are hundreds of tips we will share on this blog in the coming months but one of the things you can do right now to stand out among other realtors is EARN MORE MONEY! But, how?

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