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Facebook is the dominant social media in the world with more than 80 percent of all Internet users active on the platform.  There are over 1.4 billion active users on Facebook every day, so it is important to use the platform to grow your real estate business.  Here are 7 ways to use Facebook to generate leads starting right now:
Set Up a Facebook Business Page.  These pages are free to create and a real no-brainer for today’s real estate agents.  Many agents already have personal pages, but a small business page offers a number of features that will help you to grow your business. It will also keep your posts focused on your real estate business.  Put some time into selecting a great photo of yourself and using brand elements from your broker.  You have the option to include office location, contact information and website.  You also have the option to include a call to action button that you should use to encourage prospects to send you a message.
Build Your Audience.  Invite your personal Facebook audience to like your business page and plan to make these invitations once a month.  It will have the effect of communicating your business to your network.  You can also keep your personal and business life separate.  Your business clients may not want to see what you do on vacation and your friends from high school probably don’t want to see all of your business posts.  Give them the option to join your business community and then you won’t need to guess whether they are interested.
Share Content.  You can use your Facebook Business Page to share content that is relevant to your prospects.  Relevant content can be articles that you read and share, pictures with links to your listings, testimonials from your clients, networking events, open houses and more.  The internet is the first and primary source of news and information for most people.  Think of things that will be interesting to home buyers and sellers, real estate investors, landlords or tenants.
Try Facebook Ads.  Facebook has made advertising easy and affordable.  You can set your own advertising budget in their simple to use ad campaign dashboard.  There are multiple ways to target your ads to your geography, demographic and interests.  No longer will you run an ad in a newspaper and cross your fingers.  With Facebook ads, you can see exactly how much interest is generated.  Facebook will provide detailed information on the performance of your ads so that you can make enhancements to optimize your results.  Start by testing a variety of ad formats.  Test to see which formats generate clicks and contacts.  The object is to get prospects to reach out to you, whether that is a Facebook message, email, text or phone call. 
Facebook Live.  An exciting way to share video and respond in real time to questions, comments and likes.  Be sure to practice first, but be bold and try different things out.  Facebook Live can be used for previews of new listings, pro tips that you offer to prospects, or highlights of local restaurants and points of interest.

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