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Nearly all real estate consumers start their search online

There are plenty of websites to get information, look at listings and compare properties. The three biggest seem to be,, and Zillow and Trulia are now owned by the same company and are very much alike. is a leading online platform for real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration, and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with local professionals who can help.  Zillow intends to serve the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home: buying, selling, renting, financing, remodeling and more. It starts with Zillow's mammoth database of more than 110 million U.S. homes - including homes for sale, homes for rent and homes not currently on the market, as well as Zestimate home values, Rent Zestimates and other home-related information.

Generating leads is a business task that agents spend time every day developing. Along with traditional lead generation such as networking, mailings, and newspaper advertising, generating leads online has become more and more effective.  

There are a number of ways that you can generate leads through Zillow. The first is with an Agent Profile. They are free on Zillow. With a basic profile, you can provide your contact information and general background. You can also provide past sales, reviews, and listings.

Zillow also offers Premiere Agent profiles with enhanced information, sizing, and rankings. Premiere agents also benefit from having a contact listing on other non-premiere agent listings in their zip codes and exclusive contact information on their own listing. The charges for Premiere Agent are not standard. They vary based on the market(s) you want to implement your marketing efforts. If you sign up for Zillow Premier Agent, you'll be asked to pick a zip code (or zip codes) that you want to be featured in. Since different zip codes can have very different real estate markets, you'll pay a different monthly price based on what zip code you choose. For example, since homes sell for more money in Manhattan, you'll pay more to advertise there than you would in say Belleville, NJ, where homes sell for an average of around $300,000.

In addition to market and zip code, the more people viewing your ad, the greater the chances of someone contacting you. As a result, this means more views = a higher monthly cost.  This is because Zillow will charge on a cost per impression or CPM basis.  The cost per impression can range from around $20 per thousand impressions in lower-end markets to over $65 per thousand impressions in higher-end markets. 

Try Zillow for free. Make every effort to completely fill out your free profile with your information, picture and listings. Ask customers to complete reviews connected to your profile which will bolster your rankings. You can also begin to share Zillow content on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles or make a practice of emailing articles to generate attention to your networks. Being the provider of quality content will demonstrate your expertise. Once you have played around with the free listing, you will be better equipped to decide if it is worth investing in becoming a Premiere Agent.

At Joseph James, all of our agents are Premiere!  

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