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Real Estate is one of the best careers for women providing both opportunity and flexibility.  Amidst the greater cultural efforts to achieve gender equality, Real Estate has outpaced many other industries.  According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, 63% of all real estate agents are female.  New Jersey is even greater than the national average with women making up sixty five percent (65%) of all sales agents.  A recent study by shows the female agents list their houses for an average of $40,000 more than their male counterparts.  So the question is WHY?  There are many reasons that women dominate the real estate industry.  Here are a few thoughts on why:

Decision Makers.  Many buying decisions made by families are made by the wife.  Because of traditional families and family roles, women typically have more input to the important aspects of what makes a property a home. 

Attention to Details.  Women typically have more of an eye for the utility of a home’s layout and aesthetic.  Most of the primary selling features in a home – including the kitchen, bathrooms and closet sizes – are features that generally appeal to women more than men.

Family.  As homes are purchased by families, women typically have more of a role in raising children and understand the value of property locations within a community.  The proximity of a property to schools, parks, shopping and recreation are more important to women. 

Empathy.  Part of the reason that female agents do so well in Real Estate is their ability to empathize with their clients.  They understand the needs of most buyers and sellers and are naturally better listeners.  This makes their relationship to real estate clients generally stronger.

Flexibility.  While the average number of hours worked by real estate agents in New Jersey have been reported as 35 hours per week, real estate is clearly not a 9 to 5 job.  Those 35 hours can be worked at a variety of times throughout a week and timing is mostly at the discretion of the agent.  This provides great flexibility to working women who also have children as they can manage their schedule to work around school and childcare.

Real Estate Seasons coincide with School Seasons.  The real estate market has natural peaks throughout the calendar year.  Many of these peaks and valleys follow school holidays and breaks.  For example, the real estate market slows down over the Christmas and New Years break as well as over the summer break.  This allows many working moms the flexibility to be home with their own children during these times. 

Empowerment.  There are a number of empowering opportunities to promote women in Real Estate including women’s leadership events and groups  along with mentoring opportunities. There is also the Women’s Council of Realtors promoted by the National Association of Realtors.

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