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You may be operating in a niche without even realizing it.

Take a look back at your history of transactions. Do you see any patterns in the types of properties or buyers? Do you tend to have more transactions in one or two municipalities?  You can start to narrow in on what your niche is by discovering some of the patterns in your sales record.

Where do you get most of your referrals?
Do you get referrals from your church?  Maybe you have kids in a school system and most of your referrals come from other parents that you have gotten to know over the years.

Maybe you represented a relative or friend who worked in the Port of Newark a few years ago and you have continued to receive more and more referrals from others who are longshoremen, truckers, stevedores or terminal operators. To build a niche you can start to attend events for these workers. You can target your advertising or find a union newsletter to put an article into.

Do you speak more than one language?
Clients will often search for realtors who are fluent in Spanish or Russian or Korean if that is their native language.

Who do you like to serve?
Do you enjoy spending time with first time home buyers or with senior citizens who are downsizing?  Do you like to work with single parent moms?  Do you have an ethnic group that you are a part of or work well with?  Have you enjoyed helping veterans find homes and use their VA benefits?

All of these are important ways to start to discover your niche. Once you discover that niche your marketing messages become more direct. "I specialize in helping Longshoreman find affordable homes in Newark and Elizabeth New Jersey."

Ideas for developing a niche as a real estate agent

Places as Niches
  • Zip codes
  • Cities
  • Neighborhoods
  • Counties
  • Types of Properties as Niches
  • Single Family Home
  • Condo or Townhome
  • Luxury Townhome
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Retail-Commercial Space
  • Industrial Commercial Space
People or Affinity Groups as Niches
  • Veterans
  • Union Members
  • Professions (Lawyers, Nurses, Doctors, Financial Industry or -Wall Street)
  • Longshoreman
  • Alumni of your high school or college
  • Young Families
  • Empty Nesters
  • Families in Divorce

However, you choose to define your niche, be authentic and truly get to know the people and places that you serve. Do your homework. Be genuine in your desire and abilities to serve your niche.

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