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Part of building your personal brand is knowing how to tell your story to people you meet in a short and compelling way.  In sales, this has become known as the “elevator pitch” because you want to be able to introduce yourself in about the time that it would take to ride in an elevator with someone.  This is roughly 30 seconds. 
There are a lot of scenarios where you meet someone and they ask “What do you do?”   The busy real estate agent who is always networking and who knows that everyone is a prospect will recognize the opportunity.  You might be at a networking event, a school function, a kid’s baseball game or sharing drinks with friends at Happy Hour.  The elevator pitch is your chance to tell your story in thirty seconds. In the age of short attention spans, it is your opportunity to tell your clients who you are, what you can do for them, and what separates you from everyone else. Here are a few tips for crafting a great elevator pitch.
Understand the purpose of your elevator pitch
The elevator pitch is not just a fancy way to introduce yourself.  The idea behind an elevator pitch is that, after hearing what you have to say, the person you have spoken to is intrigued enough that they want to hear more.   You are setting up further conversation that will help you tell your story more completely and lead to a call to action for the person to do business with you.  Everyone can potentially be a source for a referral or a transaction.
Be Purposeful
Don’t waste your prospect’s time. In the short amount of time that you have you need to guide your potential client toward taking action.  From start to finish, deliver a clear purpose for prospects to focus on. Not only does having one clear focus point help you to be more succinct and persuasive, it also helps to organize the thoughts of the prospect. When they think of you, they will know who you are and how you can help them.  One key way of doing this is to identify a problem, explain how you create a solution to that problem and then tell what the benefit is to solving the problem.
Leave room for more
Be sure to close your pitch with an invitation. Make it clear that you have more to offer and encourage the prospect’s own natural curiosity. “I would love to share more about how I help people buy and sell real estate in case you are ever in the market or would be open to referring me to someone who is in the market.”  The invitation at the conclusion of your pitch is a call to action. It should inspire in them the desire to continue the conversation or to reach out to you in the future.  A call to action is a strategically planned message that urges the listener to take action.     
Take the time to practice your pitch.  Practice on your colleagues and your family.  Record yourself on your phone and play it back so that you can critique yourself and make improvements.  Develop multiple elevator pitches that can be used in different settings or for different type of people that you meet. 

The elevator pitch is an increasingly powerful tool in the agents overall branding strategy.  At Joseph James Real Estate, we welcome agents that are hungry to grow their business.  We encourage agents to fine tune their elevator pitch and to be consistently on the lookout for referrals and clients.  Are you hungry?  Contact Joseph James below to learn how we can help to feed your ambition.

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