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Providing an immersive video walk-through of a home is one of the best ways to attract potential buyers. The issue is, when not handled properly, a video walk-through can also be a disaster that puts off buyers before they ever even step foot on the property. With websites like Zillow offering the home walk-through video option, and in fact actively promoting listings with the video attached to them, being able to shoot a solid tour is an essential skill for Real Estate agents. Not everyone can be Spielberg, and the good news is we don’t have to be. Here are a few tips for wow-ing potential buyers with a cinematic walk-through experience.

Consider Using a Professional
There are a number of agencies that produce great looking professional videos. Everything from still shots to interactive panoramic images. There are agencies that use the Matterport camera that seamlessly weave together 2D and 3D images for an incredible walk-through experience. You can also hire drone photographers for aerial outdoor shots and indoor fly-throughs. A company like North Jersey-based Aerojo offers breathtaking shots of properties that will really show off the beauty of a property.

Get The Right Equipment
Nowadays, smartphones can be just as effective as some camcorders. Nevertheless, investing in a quality camera such as a DSLR may provide a great return on investment. You can pick up a great camera such as the Nikon D3400 or Canon EOS Rebel for around $600. Whatever camera you do choose, be sure to do a quick test run to ensure that your camera isn’t producing grainy, unfocused, material, and make sure the camera has enough light to do its job right.

Make sure to have a camera stabilizer with you when you film. These are accessories such as a tripod or a handheld stabilizer that do wonders for smoothing out your video. There is nothing more distracting than a shaky camera image. For smartphones, look into a Smove or Roxant Pro.

Lighting gear is also essential to capturing the perfect shot, do your homework beforehand and practice lighting a room before you set out to film the walk-through. Photography lighting kits with lights and umbrellas have become increasingly affordable with prices starting right around $50.

Often the videos attached to home listings on real estate websites are required to be soundless, and that’s okay. As far as sound smithing your home walk-through goes, the important thing is to clear away the distracting noises that you might not have even realized while you filmed. The sound of your feet tapping on the wood floor, the creaking of the stairs, the neighbor mowing her lawn next door.

Scrub your video’s sound and lay simple instrumental music over the edit. Sometimes, a voice over highlighting the home’s features can be helpful, but it isn’t necessary and will likely not be helpful unless you practice and sound professional.

Keep your shot angles wide to create a spacious atmosphere, slowly pan on your tripod making sure to include the entire room in a wide sweep. Start with an establishing shot outside the home, again using a wide, low, angle, then progress through the home in a coherent, linear, manner. Take highlight shots that show off the property.

Everyone has heard the maxim, good videography is all about lighting. Getting the right lighting inside of a home is probably the most frustrating part of putting together the perfect video. Oversaturating the frame with too much light will bleach the frame, making it look washed out and discolored. Still, it will be more important to make sure that there is enough light in your shot and not too much.

You may want to produce multiple videos for a variety of purposes. A shorter promotional video of 1 to 2 minutes will pique curiosity. You can use these short videos in your listings and in promotional posts on social media or your website. Longer videos can be made available on request which will allow you to capture information on interested customers. Editing software is readily available for Mac and PC. Keep it simple. iMovie is free and comes preloaded on all Mac computers and is a full-featured editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro or Visio for PC are easy to use programs that produce great video. There are also a host of apps such as Perfect Video for your smartphone to edit video taken on your phone directly. 

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