Technology and progress go hand in hand. The Real Estate industry has seen the impact of new technology as innovation has changed the way that real estate is bought and sold.

As newer advancements continue to arrive, there is a growing need for real estate agents to embrace change. Many had thought that online technology would negatively impact the bottom line for agents, yet despite all of the new ways for consumers to browse homes, home buyers continue to retain agents in a majority of transactions. Technology will continue to impact real estate. Here are some innovations happening now and expected in the near future.

Virtual Reality
The field of Virtual Reality has become a stunning innovation. 3D tours have been in use for a few years and continue to improve in overall quality. These virtual tours give more of an immersive experience for viewing a home online then the alternative of static photos provided on a home listing platform. With software upgrades, photos are “stitched” together forming a seamless experience for prospective buyers. Some real estate tech companies are experimenting with 3D interaction to allow changes in room layout, decorating and furniture.

Social Media
Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are already huge factors in the world of Real Estate. As society continues to plug in their lives more and more to social media sites, that role can only be expected to expand.

Integrated social media marketing, client retention, and lead generation campaigns are here to stay. The industry will continue to devote more resources to this area, the benefit of which would more than return the investment. As social media becomes more advanced, ad campaigns can be tailored far more precisely to your target market, and it will become easier to identify and market to individuals as they enter the market.

Mobile Apps
Potential buyers no longer even need to check a website to get the latest information on available properties. They can easily search on their smartphones with a number of apps. The major players like, Zillow and Trulia now offer apps to deliver home-sale information in a convenient package. As mobile apps can identify location, buyers can choose to run a mobile as they explore a neighborhood and get details on recent comps, find out what homes are available, learn the real-estate tax on a property, or take a virtual tour as part of the services provided through the app technology. They may even be doing this as an agent drives them on a tour of properties. Basic questions that a buyer might have about available homes in a community may now be handled through the use of real estate app technology.

Smart Homes
As homes become interconnected marvels of technology themselves, Real Estate agents will have to learn how to market such features to clients. Augmented reality and smart functionality will become another part of staging the home. Clients will be able to tailor their experience of the home as they enter it, and can engage themselves in their potential life in each house they tour. Considering large tech companies like Amazon and Google are now seriously investing in the area of Smart Homes, we should expect major innovations in the field. Existing smart home features include technology such as Ring doorbells, Nest thermostats and security cameras, Hue lighting, Google home hub and Amazon Echo.

On Demand Shopping
With innovations in shopping and home delivery, consumers are now able to have the items that they need shipped directly to their front door. Their home’s proximity to the supermarket or department store is becoming less of a concern. The potential impact of this on the Real Estate market are still left unseen. As this technology seeps into other areas of the consumer’s life, it might change how folks choose where they want to live.

Joseph James Real Estate is Invested in Technology
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