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In today's real estate market, consumers are looking to buy smart. A smart home is outfitted with integrated lighting, heating, safety, and other electronic devices that can be accessed remotely via phone, tablet, or computer. Homes equipped with smart capabilities can usually be sold at higher prices and are in higher demand by homebuyers. For real estate agents, it is important to understand the different smart functionalities available. Below are a few such devices that will be sure to add value to any home.

Smart Security
The most popular, most sought after, and perhaps the smart capability with the most added value is smart security. Smart security features include smart locks and cameras.

A smart lock offers you complete control over the comings and goings of your house at all times, no matter where you are. There are several different variations of smart lock features including voice activation ("Siri, open the front door"), Bluetooth connectivity, geofencing (Auto lock/unlock based on your proximity to the lock), or smartphone application connection. Some smart locks are able to be programmed to allow certain individuals, family, friends, roommates, into the house automatically with face or voice recognition. The top smart lock on the market today is the August Smart Lock, which is easy to install and can be controlled using Siri voice commands.

A Smart Cam system is more than the obvious security camera on a stick. A smart system offers live streaming direct to your personal devices, motion sensor alerts, two-way audio, night vision, and more. They are sleeker than traditional security cameras, have longer battery lives, and are typically easier to set up. The top smart camera on the market is the Amazon Cloud Cam.

On a related note are smart doorbells. These greet you and your guests at the door and can make an excellent first impression on potential homebuyers. They offer the ability to stream directly everything that is happening on your welcome mat the moment someone presses the doorbell or is sensed with motion sensing tech. The top smart doorbell on the market is the Ring Video Doorbell.

Smart Safety
Smart Safety features are popular for similar reasons to Smart Security devices. They offer the comfort of knowing your home is safe even when you are miles away. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will do their job as their traditional relatives would, but they also offer the ability to notify you directly via phone or another personal device the moment a problem arises. They can pinpoint the room where the fire has begun, alert you when the battery is low, reach out to an emergency contact if you are unresponsive, and turn off connected smart lights in the event of an emergency. The top smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector on the market is the Nest Protect.

Smart Thermostat
Not only does a smart thermostat offer the comfort of being able to control your home's heating and cooling with voice command or remotely on your phone, it will also help you to save energy and money. Some devices include geofencing options, turning off a/c or heating when you leave your home. The Nest Learning Thermostat takes it to another level. It will begin by learning your daily routine, when you are usually home and when you are out of the house, your heating trends (colder at night, warmer in the morning, etc). Then it will program itself to create a heating and cooling schedule based on your preferences.

Smart Lighting
Smart lights are becoming a more and more popular (and affordable) luxury. These lighting systems allow you to turn on and off your home's lights from your phone or with voice command. Other features also include the ability to adjust the brightness, change the colors, and "set the mood" ("Alexa, set lights to Cinema") with the lights. The top smart lights on the market are the Philips Hue Bulbs.

Smart Entertainment
Smart entertainment devices offer convenience and simplicity across a vast variety of products. Smart TV's, smart speakers, smart home hubs, and smart remote controls are all available on the market today. 

The home of today is an interconnected marvel of technology. As Smart capabilities become more advanced and more popular, it is important for agents to keep up with the trend. Are you a tech-savvy realtor? It would be smart to check out Joseph James Real Estate. We are always looking to build our team with cutting edge talent.

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