Thursday, March 29 was the opening day for Major League Baseball and fans all over the country were excited.  Opening Day symbolizes the beginning of a new journey. It signals the coming of summer, which after the stormy March that we’ve had, is a comforting reminder. It’s the one day when you can be sure your team is going to the World Series and no one can prove you wrong.    Opening day is about hopes and dreams which is why it usually doesn’t disappoint.

Locally, the New York Yankees were incredible in a 6 – 1 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.  They showed while the Yankees are called the Bronx Bombers.  Their newest star, Giancarlo Stanton, crushed a home run at his first appearance at the plate and followed that up with another home run later in the game.  For the New York Mets, they started the season with a 3-2 loss to the Miami Marlins. There are a lot of things about opening day that connect emotionally with fans.  The memories of watching games with their family or friends, the smell of fresh leather in a new baseball glove or the thrill of cheering on their team in a stadium with thousands of other fans.

There is no doubt that emotional connections are some of the strongest connections in selling real estate.  Real estate is one of the most saturated markets for agents to compete in with hundreds of other agents and online real estate portals that consumers can spend hours conducting their own searches.  The best way to compete in this market is by identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that allow you to establish emotional connections with your prospects and clients.
People sell their homes for a variety of reasons: because it’s too small, for a job transfer or because they want to be closer to friends and family. These motivations are driven by desire, not by necessity.  For most consumers, the most important factor in choosing which real estate agent to work with is the connection that they make with the agent.  Most consumers will do their homework and scour the internet to learn more about that agent’s reputation from reviews and articles.  They will then make a decision based on their own perception of whether the agent is honest and trustworthy.  This perception is based almost entirely on the consumer’s own feelings.  So learning how to connect emotionally will be important to gaining new clients in this new market.
In order to connect emotionally, you will need to learn how to listen better.  Be a student of your local market and also of the local culture.  I don’t really like baseball, but I try to keep up with some basic news to help connect with all the people who love baseball.  This includes having some knowledge of the Yankees and Mets.
As a real estate professional, you should be seeking to engage with people authentically with the kinds of things that make them tick.  Before you reach out to a new lead, do a little background research by looking them up online on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.  By taking a quick look at their profile, you can find out some of the things that they enjoy and you’ll likely find a way to relate to them.  Armed with this knowledge, when you do reach out, you’ll be calling with a little more confidence and you’ll be able to find ways to discover and point out things that they might find interesting in the properties that you show them.  Ask great questions and let them share their story with you.  People don’t want to be sold to. They want to be helped and valued.  We all have this incredible urge to belong and connect.  Help your prospects connect with you and with the properties that you have to show them.
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