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Lead generation is a vital part of the sales process. However, real estate agents don’t see any cash until they close the deal. The art of converting a lead into a sale is of the utmost importance to everyone. Here are a few easy tips to incorporate into your routine that will help you see more leads turn green.

Follow Up (The Right Way)
While it seems like common sense, far too many real estate agents simply never follow up with their leads or do so ineffectively. The objective is to move the prospect along the sales cycle. The right way to follow up involves being succinct and inviting real interaction with the lead. This is a time to ask questions and encourage contact with the lead. You want to keep your lead engaged in the conversation.

Follow Up...Again
Successful agents set a schedule for their follow up and include clear and compelling calls to action. Remember, any prospect can be a future referral source or client. Don’t over-do it and turn a lead off with too much contact. Follow up with a lead once a week for the first month, then once every other week thereafter. Create a communication schedule for all of your leads that include at least quarterly contact. Use holidays as opportunities to connect. Be consistent with your leads while keeping the conversation positive. Continue to invite genuine contact with leads by asking questions, providing relevant information and updates on your business.

Keep The Path Clear
You should provide your leads with a clear action steps for their decision making process. Don’t allow your prospects to feel lost, unsure of what to do next, and step out of the process. Communicate with them every step of the way about what the next step is and how to achieve it. This will keep them moving along the process efficiently until finally the only step left is to go to sale. Use the KISS method – “Keep it Simple Successful Agent”. Simplifying the sales cycle and painting a clear image of where to go next will make it far more likely for your leads to reach the point of sale.

Stay Organized
It is absolutely necessary to keep an up to date record of your leads. Never walk away from a new lead without entering them into the record, and update it with each and every interaction you have. Maintaining a CRM system (Contact Relationship Management) is the easiest way to ensure your records are safe. It is highly recommended to commit to a CRM system as soon as possible. There are many free and paid applications available. Not only will sufficient record keeping ensure that you never lose track of your leads, it will also help you to better follow up with leads by detailing each interaction and where your lead currently stands. This will allow you to build rapport with and solidify a reputation of caring about your clients. Organization of lead management is the tedious, behind the scenes, element of sales conversion that is absolutely crucial for success.

Converting a lead to sale is the march down the field, crossing the goal line, and closing the deal. Where the cash flow begins and the war is won. Consider incorporating these tips into your dealings with prospects to become more efficient in converting leads.

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